Manage Vouchers overview

Use the Manage Vouchers option to create and manage the vouchers issued within a voucher package.

Manage Vouchers is only active when a 'Voucher' package has been created. See Create a guest WiFi Package for more information on setting up a voucher package.

The vouchers that you create are based on a template which can be edited to suit you. Choose to add your company logo or a seasonal message to the voucher template. See Edit voucher templates for more details.

You can work with two types of voucher:

Batches. Create batches of vouchers to issue to individual guest users. This is a useful time saving tool for issuing individual vouchers to all the guests you are expecting in a single day. Print off your vouchers and hand them out as guests check-in. Batches cannot be edited or deleted.

Conference/Single vouchers. Create and manage single voucher codes which can be issued to groups of guest users. This is useful for issuing vouchers to conference delegates. Limit the number of devices which can user the voucher code and the time period it is valid for; this helps to control WiFi portal use.

All vouchers created in MyAirangel are logged. Use the Voucher Lookup tab to search for a voucher; this is useful for checking lost voucher details or whether a voucher is still valid for use. See Search for voucher details for more information.


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